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Noble ID NCBI ID Phenotype Description Photos Semi-quantitative or quantitative RT-PCR data showing target gene silencing Update time
NbTI01B08 JZ723000 Stunted, bushy plants, more branches (loss of apical dominance), short internode, small chlorotic leaves, crinkled leaves 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01B09 JZ723001 Severely stunted plants, no apical meristem, crinkled, mottled top leaves, thick, pale green leaves 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01B10 Severely stunted, bushy plants, short internode, small top leaves, mottled, crinkled, yellow green t 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01B11 JZ722991 More branches, yellow green, mottled leaves 3 2013-07-16
NbTI01B12 JZ722992 Chlorotic, pale green leaves, spotted cell death 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C01 JZ723005 Stunted plants, mottled, crinkled leaves, spotted cell death, chlorotic leaves 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01C02 JZ723006 Chlorotic leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C03 JZ723007 Severely stunted, bushy plants, mottled, crinkled, small top leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C04 JZ723008 Bushy plants, crinkled leaves, spotted cell death, chlorotic top leaves 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01C05 JZ723009 Severely stunted plants, white green, mottled, crinkled, brittle leaves 3 2013-07-16
NbTI01C06 JZ723010 Severely stunted plants, small new growth, yellow leaves, cell death, thick leaves 3 2013-07-16
NbTI01C07 JZ723011 Pale green, droopy leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C08 JZ723012 Pale green, small top leaves 2 2013-07-16
NbTI01C09 JZ723013 Stunted plants, droopy, mottled, chlototic leaves, spotted cell death 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C10 JZ723002 Mottled, crinkled leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01C11 JZ723003 Severely stunted plants, no apical meristem, mottled, crinkled, yellow green, thick leaves, cell dea 3 2013-07-16
NbTI01C12 JZ723004 Pale green, mottled leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01D01 JZ723017 Chlorotic, mottled, crinkled leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01D02 JZ723018 Stunted, very bushy plants, lot of branches (loss of apical dominance), pale green leaves 1 2013-07-16
NbTI01D03 JZ723019 Severely stunted plants, chlorotic, mottled, crinkled leaves 1 2013-07-16
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